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Groove Stain was established in 1997, originating from the suburbs of Coweta County, Georgia. Erok Patterson and Mike Hatton went to sharpen their music education at the Atlanta Institute of Music, while Etheridge attended the University of West Georgia. It was at the Atlanta Institute of Music where Patterson and Hatton met present drummer Brian Daggett. Daggett brought a new diversity to the band adding an influence of reggae and punk that is the backbone of the music today. The band began working on their release "The Other 9 to 5" and recorded the album in 2003 while Hatton was attending Full Sail in Orlando for Recording Arts. During this period, Groove Stain began performing shows in Florida while in the area recording. The band then began swapping shows with bands in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, DC, New York, Massachusetts New Jersey the Carolinas and Alabama. In 2007, Groove Stain released the self titled album. In 2010 the band released their full length album "Out All Night" with Grammy Award winning engineer and producer Juan Covas. "Out All Night" is ranked one of the top 20 reggae albums of 2010 on Itunes and is featured on Itunes UK, Europe, Japan and South American pages. With over a decade of live performance and three albums under the bands belt, Groove Stain hit the road hard as nails with Soja, Ballyhoo, Jimmie's Chicken Shack and Josh Heinrichs this past summer and fall with determination to establish themselves as a nationally touring act as well as bringing in Eric Greenberg on Keyboards and Sam Szpendyk on Trombone. Recently the band traveled coast to coast for their spring national tour hitting markets in FL, GA, NC, SC, AL, TX, NM, AZ, CO, and CA. While on this past tour Groove Stain joined forces with Seventh INK Clothing and Apparel, Silver Surfer VAPS, Jagermeister, and Crush Drums. The tour was such a success! 2011 Summer plans include more tours with such acts as Murphy's Kids, Mike Pinto as well as The Supevillains, Ballyhoo! and Toots and the Maytals.
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Groove Stain has shared the stage with such National acts as:

*Snoop Dogg
*Reel Big Fish
*English Beat
*Jimmie's Chicken Shack
*The Supervillains
*The Toasters
*The Kottonmouth Kings
*Phunk Junkies
*Authority Zero
*The Movement
*The Expendables
*Less Than Jake
*Long Beach Short Bus
*Nappy Roots
*Crazy Anglos
*The Grease Factor
*Family Force 5
*Heavy Mojo
*Stuck Mojo
*Whole Wheat Bread
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