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Although The Catfish Groove Farm are based in Tempe, Arizona, the musicians come from far and wide. Tom Kirsch grew up in Santiago, Chile and moved to the United States in 1986 to pursue his passion for the guitar. Shawn Tavis Mayer hails from Buffalo, New York and started playing drums at the age of six. Jamie Bludworth started playing bass as a teenager in Long Beach, California. Rod Ibieta (keys) also grew up in Santiago, Chile where he was a member of several successful bands and was an EMI signed artist. Somehow, be it luck, fate, or random chaos, these four found each other in the desert of Arizona and began the creative adventure of their lives in 2004.

Ask anyone who has heard The Catfish Groove Farm to describe their sound and you might get a few different answers. Some describe them as a Jam band, while others might say acid jazz or fusion. Some might say they hear inklings of Santana, Galactic, Steely Dan, Billy Cobham, The Pat Metheny Group, or John Scofield. The truth is, The Catfish Groove Farm has a sound that can be difficult to pin down. That's the way they want it, however. The Catfish Groove Farm set out to distinguish themselves as a band that combines elements of many diverse styles of music, including jazz, fusion, funk, acid jazz, rock, and Latin. At the core of their organic sound is a remarkable ability to improvise and play from the hip. The Catfish Groove Farm is more than a jam band, more than a jazz, acid jazz, or fusion band. It is an expression of a love for music made by four exceptional musicians.
Band Members
Jamie Bludworth,
Rod Ibieta,
Tom Kirsch,
Shawn Tavis Mayer
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