Monday, September 22 2014
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TapWater is a vibrant band out of San Diego that blends organic bluegrass and country with smooth Latin rhythms and blazing blues into a bright sound they call GypsyGrass. With upright bass, banjo, guitar, piano, and accordion, TapWater is a jukebox of genres with something for everyone to enjoy.

“We’ve been told we sound like everything from Santana to Old & in the Way to the Dave Matthews Band,� laughs Steve Moore, who is lead vocals, banjo, and electric guitar. “Whatever people hear in us is accurate – we draw inspiration from Johnny Cash and Pink Floyd to Poncho Sanchez and Motown. We love all music and pride ourselves on visiting as many genres as possible.�

TapWater shows are indeed exploratory: not only does the band roam across styles, they frequently switch instrumentation and vocalists.

“People usually expect a band to play the same sound so our audience is sometimes surprised by our variety,� explains Timmy Jones, lead vocals, piano, organ, and accordion. “Just think of us as your tour guide – we’ll lead you from format to format so you can taste the magic of each.�

Because TapWater’s GypsyGrass sparkles with diversity so do its fans. Professionals, seniors, children and families all enjoy the band’s polished musicianship and homegrown humor.

“Our music connects to that carefree spirit we all share,� acknowledges Ravi Laird, who plays acoustic and electric guitar. “When I look into the crowd, I see every kind of face smiling back at me. It’s remarkable.�

TapWater intends to harness their feelgood appeal to become a premier community resource. “People generally want to make a difference but they either don’t believe they can or don’t necessarily know how,� observes Wes Elliott, who plays upright and electric bass. “Our goal is to catalyze this desire by providing our fans with easy, effective ways to give back through the support of our music.�

For example, the band volunteers intimate shows to nonprofits through the TapWater Cheer Project and regularly plays benefits. They are also promoting their brand-new TeamUp with TapWater Program, where they donate 25% of the net online sales of a selected track each month to a spotlighted nonprofit.

“These programs are a sliver of what we envision,� emphasizes Manager Anne Tropeano, who is trained in communication and cause-marketing. “Ultimately TapWater is to be a pipeline that funnels our fans’ individual drops of energy into a river of progress. Working with our fan base, we’ll create partnerships with corporations and nonprofits that empower the local communities on our tours, we’ll spotlight special guests to promote outreach programs, we’ll facilitate donations to worthy causes. Our bottom-line is to unite our fans as family so that we can all create the world we know is possible – and to have a blast doing it.�

Please visit to learn more about TapWater.
Band Members
Steve Moore
Timmy Jones
Ravi Laird
Wes Elliott
Simon Lucas
Rudy Slizewski
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