Monday, October 20 2014
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Hello! I am a miniature long-haired black and tan wiener dog named Cali Magnolia. I am named after two songs - the first by Tupac (my Dad picked my first name) and the second by the Grateful Dead (my Mom picked that one). Needless to say, there is a wide variety of music played in our house! I have a sister dog named Holly Berry, a wiener like me, although she does not have the podunkadunk in her trunk that I do. I am a curvaceous, sassy little wiener. I also have one cat brother and three cat sisters. My mom is my favorite person on earth and I follow her EVERYWHERE. She used to be home more, but then she got this job that makes her go away sometimes. It's ok though, cause even though I miss her, she usually comes home and naps a lot, which is nice for me, cause I love to nap.
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I love to lick! I also love apples. I grow and harvest my own apples in the backyard. It's a lot of work, but I manage. Sometimes, my mom thinks it's funny to fill up my swimming pool and put my harvested apples in the water. Then I have to spend tons of time getting my apples out of the pool and back to the apple hole I dug to keep them in. My snout gets soaked! It's annoying, but I think she means well. I love live music, but my mom won't let me go to a concert. Instead, she takes me and my sister to the basement, puts in a DVD of a Widespread Panic concert, turns off all the lights, and dances around the basement like some crazy hippie. My sister and I dance too, but only cause we feel sorry for mom, dancing all alone and everything. I like chasing cats, snuggling my mom (dad's ok when mom isn't around), and playing WWF with my sister Holly. I also love to go on walks and eat cheese!
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